Desktop backgrounds

It must be the exam period. I just can’t stop blogging.

What are you some of your desktop backgrounds?

Here are my favourites:

  • A digitalised version of Hokusai’s Great Wave enveloping Mt. Fuji. I had no idea it was a famous Japanese painting from the 18th century until someone on MSN (so sorry, I forgot who you are) mentioned it to me. The original image had long boats in the foreground.

The Great Wave

  • You may recognise this on my Twitter profile background. Or the header of this blog. I love how it represents the different environments of the world.

Spectrum of the sky

  • I used to read a ton of Western fantasy novels. This background reminded me of a few scenes. Not to mention Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Opps! My inner geek just came out.


  • There’s something serene about this picture. It feels reminiscent of life for many of us. We’ve got a long way to go till we reach the end of our journey.

Falling Star

  • Yaletown, downtown Vancouver. Very close to the David Lam park. I used to do long walks along this waterfront to clear my head of any heavy thoughts. I miss it.

Vancouver night view

As much as I would love to take credit for the creation of these… they are not mine. Many thanks to the gifted artists and photographers for the beautiful images. Oh, Google deserves a shout out too for helping me find them.

If anyone wants the original images for their own desktop – please let me know! I’d be happy to send them over.


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