Slang – Part II

Yikes. I didn’t realise how much slang I used. Anyway, here’s part II!

  • Homie = Shortened version of home-boy. Close friend / someone who came from the same neighbourhood, street, school, ghetto, etc.

‘Woah! Did you see Andrew on YouTube?’

‘Yeah! That’s my homie from way back!’

  • Shout out = to acknowledge with respect.

‘I would like to throw a shout out to my loyal blog readers here’

  • Played = tricked

‘Shit! I can’t believe I paid $200 for this phone on eBay last week. Someone else is selling it for $150! ‘

‘You got played fool’

  • Hook up = Do a favour or.. engage in sexual activity.

‘Yo, how much for that iPod?’

‘I can hook you up. Let me talk to a few homies’

‘Did you see Nick and Jane hook up last night?’

  • Money in the bank = Reliability. You know it’s going to happen.

‘Ugh! Where is Josephine?’

‘Keep it cool. She’s money in the bank. She’ll be here’

  • Hater = Someone who knocks down a successful person

‘He must have cheated to get such a good grade’

‘That’s not cool. Why you gotta be a hater?’

  • Oh snap = A playful exclamation that is made when you are surprised, insulted or disappointed. It’s a very versatile word and can be used in many situations.

‘Did you hear that Bob got genital herpes?’

‘Oh snap! Is he OK?’

  • Beef = problem or grudge

‘Screw that punk’.

‘Yo’, what’s your beef with him?’

  • Ho = tramp, hooker, whore, prostitute, etc.

‘Do you like this outfit?’

‘Hell no. You look like a ho’

  • Son = Close friend, homie. It can also be used to look down on someone.

‘What up son!’


‘Son, you better get yo’ ass running or you gonna get a beating’.

  • Shorty = Attractive girl

‘Yo’ Shorty, how you doin’?’

  • Brother from another mother = A friend who you are really close to but have no relation

‘How you doin’, my brother from another mother?’


One response to “Slang – Part II

  1. NZ Breakers Gurl

    Woohoo! Lecture 2!!! hehe hey bro! I’m back! =)

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