Facebook Username Hilarity

I wish I had thought of doing some of these when signing up for my own username.

Facebook Username

Facebook default username

I’m sure she’s going to get a lot of friend requests.

Facebook user Jizzinmypants


A unique wedding invitation

Completely blown away with how original and funny this was. I might have to ask them to design my own wedding invitation when the time comes.

Check it out!

Wedding invite


Original link found here.

Desktop backgrounds

It must be the exam period. I just can’t stop blogging.

What are you some of your desktop backgrounds?

Here are my favourites:

  • A digitalised version of Hokusai’s Great Wave enveloping Mt. Fuji. I had no idea it was a famous Japanese painting from the 18th century until someone on MSN (so sorry, I forgot who you are) mentioned it to me. The original image had long boats in the foreground.

The Great Wave

  • You may recognise this on my Twitter profile background. Or the header of this blog. I love how it represents the different environments of the world.

Spectrum of the sky

  • I used to read a ton of Western fantasy novels. This background reminded me of a few scenes. Not to mention Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Opps! My inner geek just came out.


  • There’s something serene about this picture. It feels reminiscent of life for many of us. We’ve got a long way to go till we reach the end of our journey.

Falling Star

  • Yaletown, downtown Vancouver. Very close to the David Lam park. I used to do long walks along this waterfront to clear my head of any heavy thoughts. I miss it.

Vancouver night view

As much as I would love to take credit for the creation of these… they are not mine. Many thanks to the gifted artists and photographers for the beautiful images. Oh, Google deserves a shout out too for helping me find them.

If anyone wants the original images for their own desktop – please let me know! I’d be happy to send them over.

Tweet Tweet

There are two reasons why I use Twitter.

  1. To keep in touch with my colleagues in Canada.
  2. To get up to date news from my favourite NBA players and journalists.

Here are some of the more notable tweets after the Lakers’ secured Game 5.

Ron Artest tweets

Shaq tweets

I love the Godfather reference here from Bill Simmons.

Bill Simmons tweets

Rudy Gay tweets

Fun with post-it notes

Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a bunch of post-it notes? Check out this stop motion video.

Thanks to Gary for this gem.

Game 4: NBA Finals 08/09 – Los Angeles Lakers at Orlando Magic

This is for my fellow NBA fans out there. I was asked to post my thoughts about the game. And frankly I didn’t want to. Sometimes… the best words are no words at all.

But I will.

Y’all know I’m an ardent and passionate (die hard) fan of the Magic. I’ve supported them for more than 15 years and counting. I bleed white and blue. I’m also on most occasions a happy-go-lucky guy. I recover pretty fast from bad news. However, this loss was…

Heartbreaking. Devastating. Gut-wrenching. Disappointed. Betrayed.

It felt like catching your buddy and girlfriend in bed together. Wrapped tightly around your blanket. Lying on your pillow. Drinking hot chocolate from your mug.

I realise it’s easier to be an armchair critic rather than being a player on the floor.¬†But you have to question. What were they thinking? The Lakers are up 2-1 in the series and can afford to take a risk. There’s 10.6 seconds left. THEY ARE GOING TO SHOOT A THREE. Foul him. Punch him in the face. DO SOMETHING. Don’t let them shoot it.

Then BANG. It happens. Derek Fisher nails the three. And I crumple onto the floor. Watching the Lakers’ expressions as they walked to their bench said it all. They knew they were going to win it if it went to overtime.

And they did.

Why does this game hurt the most? Its not because I hate the Lakers. Or their fans. Both of which I do. But because we were in control for most of the game (apart from the third quarter)… until the final minute. When we choked and blew it away.

The Lakers didn’t completely win this game. We helped them by losing it too.

I now know how a Mavs fan felt after losing game 3 in 05/06. I feel your pain Jordan.

Things to do before I hit 30

Recently, I’ve been thinking about things I would like to do or accomplish before I hit the big three-0.

Why 30? Well, I do want to settle down one day (wife and kids) and it is an ideal deadline.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek!

  • Travel to Yukon, Canada and catch sight of Aurora Borealis (the northern lights). Thanks Candice for introducing me to this phenomenon. Amazing!

Aurora Borealis

  • Sit court-side at an Orlando Magic game. I already frighten children with my raw emotion and obscenities when I watch the game on TV. I can’t imagine what I would turn into while watching the game in person! I just hope security won’t kick me out of the arena. Check out this rendering of the new Orlando arena expected to be built in 2011.

Orlando Events Center

  • Zip around on a dogsled in Alaska. This seems fun. Oh, and there’s something so cool about Siberian Huskies.

Siberian Husky sled dogs

  • Visit Lake Moraine in Banff. Isn’t it beautiful?


  • Go on a whale watching and polar bear tour. I blame the Vancouver Aquarium for perking my curiosity about these creatures.

Baby polar bear

  • Food tour! Visit London and New York while dining at only the finest restaurants. I’m coming for you Wolfgang Puck (his canned soups are amazing by the way). Heck, let’s throw in Vancouver and Paris too. I don’t claim to practise gastronomy. But I sure like to eat. Credit goes to my food buddy Carmen for this one. Thanks Princess!

Fine dining

I’m sure there will be many more to come as time goes by and I experience new things. But these came right off the top of my head.

In an ideal world… I would love to do this with my life partner. But I’m taking volunteers too. Who’s with me?!